Carpet FAQs

Why buy carpet?
It is healthier, warmer, safer against potential falls. Carpet is normally less expensive and gives a room a cozy inviting feel.
Is carpet hygienic? Can it help those with allergies?
Yes, Carpet will act as an air filter to trap dust in the fibers to be removed with a hepa vacuum.
Noise level reduction?
Carpet and pad will absorb noise a lot more than hard surfaces.
How has carpet changed over the last several decades?
Performance of carpet fibers have improved along with better carpet backings. Soil and stain treatments have greatly improved.
What needs to be considered when choosing between different carpeting options?
Fiber types and stain resistance treatments for the lifestyle of that home.
What does the carpet installation process include?
Removal of old flooring and install new carpet and pad. Usually takes 4 to eight hours depending on size of job.We dispose of old carpet and pad.
What care and maintenance tips do you recommend so that each customer gets a long life out of his or her carpet?
All carpet should be professionally cleaned every 12 to 18 months depending on traffic in your home.
Why buy carpet from us?
We have the knowledge and experience and trust that customers deserve!

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