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Solid vs Engineered Hardwood

What's the difference?

Top Kitchen Design Trends

Take a look at some of the most sophisticated styles to consider for a new kitchen design.

Tropical Design

If you live in a land-locked city and love the beach, infusing tropical design into your home can allow you to enjoy the beauty of your vacations year-round.


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2021 Lookbook

Find renewed inspiration with our new spring style themes. A fresh perspective for all of your favorite spaces.

In Home Measurements

We offer free estimates to help our customers to know exactly what to expect. An estimate normally only takes a few minutes. We measure and blue print the rooms, so the installer and homeowner are are the same page. Sometimes customers call and tell us what they are looking for and we will take the samples to the home to save them time and confusion.


Both our Hard surface and our carpet crews have been working with us for over 15 years. They are clean cut and honest. The installation process usually takes 1/2 day to one day.

Floor Refinishing

Transform a dull scratched up floor into a like new floor again. Your refinishing frequency depends on the lifestyle of home.


We offer regular cloth binding and surging binding through a subcontractor, who does the work here.


We offer financing with Wells Fargo through Shaw.